Basic Patternmaking Crash Course

The Three Primary Blocks are the Bodice, The Straight Sleeve and the Straight Skirt The STANDARD BLOCKS are the Basic Foundation which follows the Natural lines of the figure and is little influenced by other considerations. Its main objective is to provide a reliable and lasting basis of correct proportions and fit, from which more specialised Blocks can be produced. It is the Basis from which other foundation are developed. It is used for all high-class individual (Bespoke) work, involving fitting. It is also the Most suitable Block for creating Advanced Blocks.

Last Updated : May 15, 2024
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The course was designed having these set of people in Mind;

  1. Those who want to migrate from using the Freehand Method to Patternmaking Method
  2. Those who want to learn to sew for themselves
  3. Those who want to start a Career in Patternmaking
  4. Those who want to learn the ART OF DRESSMAKING

It is like a Tester but very detailed Course to help you make your decision based on the points mentioned above.

If your decision is to go further, then we recommend you enrol on the Full Modules. You can even take any of our Physical Courses in our conducive Institute.

We hope you find it useful and wish you all the best



Doyin Sonubi

Principal & Creative Director
ABSL Fashion Institute



This is a Patternmaking Only Course.

  1. The Lesson notes are 100% videos. They are downloadable

    Please, we ask that you respect the hard work which has been put into this and not share any of these links and materials, part or whole with anyone, or group of people on any social media or claim ownership. 

    We will be contacted if this happens because of the settings and you will not have access to it anymore.

  2. This is a Self-Learning course. This means, when you buy the course, you learn on your own and at your pace from the comfort of your home. However, should you have any questions, please "Join" our Facebook group page HERE, our Facebook Page and follow our Instagram Page.



  1. Brown Paper
  2. Metal long Ruler
  3. Hip / Ship Curve
  4. Tracing Wheel
  5. Scissors
  6. Well Sharpened Pencils
  7. Eraser
  8. Sharpener
  9. Masking Tape
  10. Measuring Tape



  1. PatternMaking For Fashion Design By Helen Joseph Armstrong
  2. More Dress Pattern Designing By Nathalie Bray
  3. Dress Pattern Designing By Nathalie Bray