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The Three Primary Blocks are the Bodice, The Straight Sleeve and the Straight Skirt The STANDARD BLOCKS are the Basic Foundation which follows the Natural lines of the figure and is little influenced by other considerations. Its main objective is to provide a reliable and lasting basis of correct proportions and fit, from which more specialised Blocks can be produced. It is the Basis from which other foundation are developed. It is used for all high-class individual (Bespoke) work, involving fitting. It is also the Most suitable Block for creating Advanced Blocks.

Understanding the Basic Blocks / Slopers (some researchers grouped them into five including Front and Back Bodice; Front and Back Skirt; and Sleeve and some into three. These are the most important aspect of Garment Making. When an individual understands these Basics, which we refer to as the “Foundation”, then individual can build on them. There are thousands of online resources that can also help. WHO CAN ENROLL? Anyone who wants to start a career in Fashion Design Anyone who already sews but wants to learn the Patternmaking Method DURATION Students can work on the Modules at their convenience. But we recommend time of study to be Four (4) Weeks Per Module for those who will like to set a target for themselves. REQUIREMENTS You must have full Access to the internet and must be on WhatsApp